Call Of The Void


wir möchten uns von ganzem Herzen bei dir bedanken, dass du das neue Album „Call Of The Void“ unterstützt und erworben hast! Deine Unterstützung bedeutet uns unglaublich viel und macht es erst möglich, unsere Musik mit der Welt zu teilen. Deine Hingabe und Begeisterung sind die treibende Kraft hinter unserer kreativen Reise. Jeder Kauf ist nicht nur eine Wertschätzung für unsere Arbeit, sondern auch ein Zeichen deiner Verbundenheit mit unserer Musik. Deine Leidenschaft motiviert uns, weiterhin hart zu arbeiten und neue Klänge zu erforschen. Wir hoffen, dass „Call Of The Void“ für dich genauso einzigartig ist wie für uns und dass es euch in besonderer Weise berührt.

Vielen Dank für deine Unterstützung. Ohne die SYNNERS wäre das ganze nicht möglich.

Mit tiefem Dank, SYDRA

Das Intro des Albums welches dich in die düsteren tiefen des Albums führt. Bereite dich vor auf das was kommt.

Take me, take me, take me under control!
You put my body under your control
To give my life to your insane soul.
You don´t know whom you do it for
Until you lose it all and hit me more.
You all I´ve got, but you live deceit.
You do not stop when it starts to bleed.
Life become a goddamn disaster.
It´s not a life, when you´re my insane master.

Insane, Bleed me out, Despair, Time to die!

She´s an angel, prove me wrong.
Send by god, put me where I belong
You take a life in purity
When guide my soul to obscurity.
You hurt me, but it still feels better
Than a life where I don´t matter
To everyone I´m nothing but a disgrace.
When you cut me, I can see a smile on your face.

No one told to be who you are.
There is no reason or a deep old scar.
Show a feeling but pretend
Act like a sheep with the heart of a serpent.
Angel with the devil´s eyes.
Let me be your fucking sacrifice.
Your not the the worst of all diseases.

One last cut: Smash me into pieces!

All the anger, all that you see.
Take it with your life from me!

Just a kid trying to integrate
But destiny has got another fate
For me it will never be easy to die
Society creates another psy!
To take a smirk as a provocation
To freak out would be a sensation
Oh, you will never know how I feel.
This devastating words can never heal.

Animosity denies callousness.
Slowly a weakness became a bless
I’ve been killed endless.

Until the very fucking last!

The justice is over and I’m not better.
How the fuck does this for you matter?
The years passed by and you didn’t know,
That your actions implied this fucking sorrow.
I’ve been so defenseless
I’ve been killed an endless times
Addicted to strife and a worthless life
But for whom? Trapped in doom!

What happened to fire my insanity?
I’m gonna tell it’s the reality
Bitches break your goddamn heart
Just as consolation I am part.
Do you really think, I did not comprehend?
And everything was in a different way ment.
For you I am nothing, but a failure
All your stupidity I will cure!

I tried to forget the past, but somewhere in my chest…

There is one question:
Why do I have to last?
The remembrance of this dreamed glance
Oh, it got me in a noose.
I will jump, nothing to loose.
Do you know what you ment to me?
It’s something so easy to see.
There is nothing left that you can adore
There is nothing left and you still want more
Nothing left more me!
Nothing left for you!

Kill me, kill me
Kill me one more time!


A time and place my life mirrors all my nightmares
If it´s real or not doesn´t matter ´cause no one cares.
I´m haunted every day and night, I must admit:
Something behind this curtain, still wants me to do this shit
Many hands keep on pushing me down, so mine
When everyone hates your soul, than you don´t believe they´re lying.
One last rope I´m hanging, but even if I try,
It doesn´t allow me to suffocate, doesn´t allow me to die!

All this self-possesion, for what?
At least in hell I´m not sitting with my punisher and an unjust god!

There is no voice of reason, that could make me believe
This world is toxic, I can feel it with every breath
I can´t take all this behavior, to smile when I hate.
Or to act normal, just when I irritate it´ll be too late.
One impression, that will never show who I am.
You know my name, don´t know my story, that´s so insane.
A selfish narrator, your own world´s king
But you choose to torture me, in fear of your own reckoning.

The myth I could end my torment
To change and start to pretend.
In a world without any acceptance.
Where religion is about to sentence.
Society is a hitch not salvation
Propagand a sense in deprivation.
Tell me it hurts no, when I let go
Kiss of swords can´t heal my sorrow.

You´re not a god, you´re a disease
Punished a lot, shame of this species.

Eine musikalische Reise in die abgründe einer Depression. Doch was ist der Ausweg…?

Without a sense of humanity born!
Chances always had been torn.
I think you didn´t choose this enmity.
But it was forced by our reality.
Suck it or die! Your senseless credo
You became an inevitable tornado
What you´ve done to me is a disgrace
Now I feel nothing, not a fucking punch to my goddamn face!

I always tried to evade
But I know it´s nearly too late.
These illusions end can´t be impede
Let me see you bleed bitch!

After all these years I can´t leave this behind me.
The remembrance of this pain still finds me
In my dreams I am still haunted by you.
To reflect your shit? Soemthing you would nevetr do!
Because you never saw a single mistake
Said my feelings are nothing, but a goddamn fake.
But I wait for this moment in time.
When I payback! When I reap your soul for mine.

I tried to forget about yesterday, to mute everything you ever had to say.
All of this pain came so fast. Killed our love made me feel like an outcast.
You live a life in memories, but our past is a disease.

I will not beg you, to understand. Leave me alone! Peace is all that I demand.
And it´s not gutless to stop to fight, when to be with you feels like a suicide.
You live a life in memories, but our past is a disease.

No more! Because there is nothing left to fight for.
In all this darkness I can see:
There is no destiny for you and me.

No more!

You feared that day for so long
I deny what has been said and done.
Now step behind your wall,
You´ll feel more save
You disabled me, so I nearly fall to my own grave.

But with time, I gained my chances.
I know deep inside, this is not senseless.
I promise to not take more than what´s mine.
All this failure to overcome, I´ve been trying.

All these years I had to rebuild again.
And I remember your guilt and what you´ve been saying.
Please stop thinking, that I am that stupid.
Because I will never forget, all your shit
It made me rebuild.
My destiny is fulfilled.

How easy the time flies
When you never have to sacrifice.
And it must be so absurd.
How fast your demise occured.

Tell me one more time, what you´ve fucking loved to.
That I am a motherfucking victim, or do you have something new?
And now you beg to feel sorry for you.
After all you´ve done: You really think I would do?

Just because you know my name: You don´t know who the fuck I am!

(It ain´t enough!) What I got is never as good as you thought
(It ain´t enough!) What I achieve, prepares in the end only grief
(It ain´t enough!)… what I look like, you don´t care to hurt my psyche
(It ain´t enough!) … Who I am! and now you wonder why I feel, for you, the same…

I can hear your cries, but our love is a construct of lies.
I gave it to the flame. I tried to forget your fucking name
Your sadness is not about me, so please set me free.
Something that you can’t deny: We have to let it die!

(It ain´t enough!) To waste another second, this is the awaited end.
(It ain´t enough!) To fight or to repent, for such a fucking serpent.
(It ain´t enough!) I swear I don´t know how I survived this, compound hell with bliss
(It ain´t enough!) Wasted too many of my fucking tears, branded by scars for my remaining years.

I can hear your cries, but our love is a construct of lies.
I gave it to the flame. I tried to forget your fucking name
Your sadness is not about me, so please set me free.
Something that you can’t deny: We have to let it die!


Our father, in heaven, hallowed be your name.
Your kingdom come, your will be done.
On earth as in heaven.

Why do you love me and hold me tight?
All my brothers destroy it all, for you it´s alright.
You say we are the summit of all.
But for your house, we are the wrecking ball.

Why do you love me and hold me tight?
All my brother kill your deeds, and you want us by your side?
This place bleeds, but you don´t come for aid.
Do you care? Or does this sight leave you afraid?

What have you done? What have you done?

Why do you love me and hold me tight?
Do you fear the darkness, when there is no light.
Through the obvious: Why are you so ashamed?
Because infallible has failed, for what he has aimed.

You can´t love me I´m imprisoned in this place.
I must die to see finally your veiled face.
If you were out there, we would have someone to blame.
But humanity don´t realize, who ist he real shame!

So they hallow a name… They hallow a name…

Of no one!
There is no you, a spirit or a son!
A lie, told us that were not lose our mind.
People don´t want to see trouble
They prefer to be blind.
They´re all blind.

(What should I feel?)
Forgive us our sins, as we forgive those who sin.
Save us from the time of trial. Deliver us from Evil
Now and forever

For someone who is not real?
You are not real!
You are not real!
You are not here!
Tell me where you are, before I lose my mind!

Where is your halo now?
You thought it made you sublime!
But no one is here to bow.
I won´t die to your sign.

You destroyed others salvation.
Left a line of devestation
Everyone deserves to die.
You stole the time, lost the fucking shine.
Where is your halo now?
I tear it away!

Because you paralyze, use others sacrifice.
Use violation, for your self-devastation.
This ruin is your fate.
It will be too late, it´s the end oft he great.
You want me to bow?
Tell me where is your halo now?

You are such a drama queen.
I know what your words mean
You throw your insults around, masked by an angel´s sound.
Created us to fuck about, no one listens when you shout.
Always been so egoistic, I will not follow you
You make me sick!

I´ve lost
I´ve lost
I´ve lost my faith

Where is your halo now?

Billions died in their last battle, destiny round ´em up like some cattle
Obsessions about the perfection, seem to end up in deception.
Moments that were not fair, a human´s life can become your nightmare.
No wrong move, you just don´t know how.
Influencing powers will just made you bow.

And you, think it is alright, you have so much fear to fight.
And you, disregard those too, who are brave enough to be not like you.

Unique? We´re all!
To pretend is your fall.
Can´t you see that you don´t matter?
A headless puppet isn´t better.
To follow a false leader?
Now you have to consider
Still a life of miss? While you stand down to the abyss.

Do you really think that I´m not associated?
Because my behavior is so violated.
Do nothing, you inflict pain.
No I won´t let my sorrow reign.
Not everything can go one.
Let you talk, like I´m a fucking pawn.
Not every decision has made me wiser.
But conviction is a fucking good equalizer.

What did you say?
You against me?
I cut your head off!

Fatality, by decisions pre-manipulated.
Do you wanna feel your soul violated?
My heart reborn, in spirit of devestation.
A life to die for, in senseless deprivation.
I´m no longer give a shit about existence.
´Cause I´m fucking rid of death-wish persistence.
I don´t want to continue all this shame.
I don´t want to be thrashed to my end like Kurt Cobain.

Oh, you misunderstood my emotion,
But you lie about your devotion.
I´m the mirror of your own failure.
To leave you made me not a betrayer.
You try to destroy my name,
At long last all will end in vain.
No one believes to your ordeal.
You’re lonely?
Now you know how I feel.

Discordance and endless delusion
You´re the trigger for so much confusion.
Fuck your self-inflicted isolation!
While your nasty on every occasion.
Tell me why you think: You´re adorable?
Your character is frightened horrible.
Oh, I know what you really fucking need.
To see the world demolished: Let ´em all bleed!

You´re an angel, from the outside
But there is darkness in the light.
Manic, when you´re about to lose control.
I stopped to be in your madness role.
You´re unholy with your devil´s eyes.
And I am no longer your sacrifice.
You are the worst of all diseases.
But I will not allow you: To smash me into pieces.